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Working Out Of The Van

We both work from home, wherever that may be.

The only caveat is… we have to be online.

Working from “Home”

When camping, we tether through our cellphone, overlaying the Verizon coverage map on state maps, in search of campsites in the 4G zone. Usually, this works well. Although, occasionally, as we pull into a campground or round a bend – we frustratingly watch as our bars go from 4G to no-G’s.

Daisey at work in the back of the van
Daisey at work in the back of the van

Of course, some of the most remote and beautiful spots have no coverage. We save those sweet spots for the weekends. In the meantime, we patiently await better mobile options in the future.

Taking our van camping
Taking our van camping

In search of G’s

Sometimes coverage waxes and wanes at campsites. I’ve been known to throw my laptop and phone in a bag and bike to the top of a hill, just in time for a conference call.

The commute to work
The commute to work

Sometimes, we have to break camp and trek further down the road to upload a day’s work. The show must go on.

A small price to pay for living in paradise.

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Author: Britt

Britt is a photographer/music producer & proud member of #teamtraynham

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