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The Abandoned Waterpark

The Ho Thuy Tien Water Park is an abandoned waterpark outside of Hue, Vietnam. It is the stuff of wondrous nightmares. For the adventurous only…

What’s That I Hear?

While in Huế, the former capital of Vietnam, Daisey & I overheard a local English teacher tell her colleague about an abandoned aquarium and waterpark outside of town. She said there were even crocodiles still living in some of the tanks. Hmmm, sounds intriguing… and right up my alley.

Turns out, with a quick google search or two, the Ho Thuy Tien Water Park is just a scooter ride away. Daisey & I hopped on our bike and headed out on another #teamtraynham adventure.

Daisey smiles big from inside a ceramic car sculpture at the Abandoned Water park
Daisey Rides Out

The Adventure Continues…

As we got closer to the park, it started to rain…heavily. Never deterred, we stopped for ponchos and soldiered on. We found the park without a hitch. There was a couple in the overgrown parking lot that I assumed would charge us for parking, maybe even admittance. They ignored us.

A spine-like stairway inside the Dragon building
A spine-like stairway inside the Dragon building

Enter The Dragon

The rain added to the eerie fascination of the park. There were a few groups of local people there. One was doing a fashion shoot, another eating hot pot and drinking beer. Aside from them, it was empty. The light rainfall made the lake hiss. I kept expecting an alligator to jump out and say boo.

An interior scene from the Dragon Aquarium
An interior scene from the Dragon Aquarium
Interior Of The Aquarium
Interior Of The Aquarium

The Belly Of The Beast

As we traipsed around, we found more weird scenes from inside the belly of the beast. The roof was leaking in spots. There were office supplies strewn about. Graffiti. Beer cans. Puddles and detritus. Truly, a photographer’s goldmine.

At the top of the spine, we entered the Dragon's mouth
At the top of the spine, we entered the Dragon’s mouth

Slippery When Wet

The Dragon's Claw Pavillion
The Dragon’s Claw Pavilion

Afterward, we explored the rest of the park. Most interesting was the abandoned amphitheater. You could almost hear the faded cheers of crowds past.

An abandoned ampitheatre at teh Water Park near Hue, Vietnam
An abandoned amphitheater

There was also a Space Shuttle simulation ride. An adjacent sculpture garden gave it a cultured sense of abandon. The only letdown was we never found those fabled alligators.

A simulated Space Shuttle ride
Blast Off!

We’re Not The Only Ones

Plenty of travelers, bloggers, and journalist have recently discovered the abandoned lair of the Dragon. For more perspective and photos, we recommend starting with the Huff Post’s article.



Author: Britt

Britt is a photographer/music producer & proud member of #teamtraynham

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