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droning Thailand

Fly Thai

Take a flight with us over the the skies of Thailand. Filmed in Hua Hin, Ayutthaya, and Sukhothai. Music taken from Batsauce – Nomads Almanac Vol. 1:

The parade for Buddha's Birthday

Buddha’s Birthday Bash

It started out like any other day in paradise. Woefully ignorant travelers greet the day. In the early afternoon, we started noticing throngs of bicyclists, parading down the promenade with flags — not national flags but the striped flags representing Buddhism.

buddha sculptures

Filling The Pagoda

We count our blessings everytime one occurs. Today, we were lucky enough to participate in making sculptures of the Buddha with local monks. Afterwards, we formed an assembly line and passed hundreds of sculptures up and into the pagoda.

In nearly every nook and cranny all across Thailand, there are small shrines

Shrines around Thailand

This is post 3 of 4 in the series “First Impressions” One of the most endearing and reoccurring things you will see throughout Thailand are small shrines, also known as spirit houses. They are absolutely everywhere — in front of shops and houses, on the roadside, at the beach...

There are more temples in Thailand than you could possibly visit.

Temples in Thailand

Thailand is over 90% Buddhist. As a result, Thailand has amazing Buddhist temples (called Wat in Thai)  — everywhere! Some are austere, but more often than not, the Wats in Thailand tend to have astounding architecture and decor. Many are painted gold — or covered in mirrors.

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