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A Lineman sorts through the maze of utility wires

Power Lines in Asia

You can not help but notice the woven madness of powerlines on every corner of Asia.

Electric Noodles

One of the (potentially) shocking things you will see everywhere throughout Thailand are the knotted swarms of power lines. Many are, in fact, telecommunication and cable lines. Whatever the case, it’s hard to fathom the tangled weave of hundreds of lines strung from every utility pole on every corner, throughout the region. It’s even harder to imagine how anyone makes sense of such a mess. It’s as if all the noodles they eat manifested themselves in the form of a power grid.

An electrician makes sense of the tangled web of electric wires
An electrician makes sense out of the tangled sea of power lines in Da Nang, Vietnam

Somehow, though, they make it work.

Author: Britt

Britt is a photographer/music producer & proud member of #teamtraynham

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