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a bowl of delicious Mi Quang

Mì Quảng

Mi Quang is perhaps our favorite noodle dish in all of Southeast Asia. We liked it so much we moved to the region for 5 months.


Sure, Pho is amazing… but we discovered Mì Quảng, a noodle dish that is the best noodle dish in all of Vietnam, perhaps in all of Southeast Asia. It is the signature dish of the Quảng Nam province in central Vietnam, which includes Hội An and Da Nang. It is a common dish in that region and is found much less frequently outside of the Quang Nam province. There are hundreds of thousands of restaurants that specialize in the popular lunch fare.

In fact, we love Mì Quảng so much, we have spent 5 months in Da Nang eating (almost) every day.

A Mi Quang dish served with frog meat
An Mì Quảng dish served with frog meat in broth (on the side) and chả, a steamed sausage

Mì Quảng is made with a wide rice noodle. Infused with tumeric, the lukewarm broth itself is seasoned with meat or bone, shallots, black pepper, garlic, and, of course, fish sauce. Often, a hard-boiled chicken or quail egg is included. Roasted peanuts are added. Lime slices are meant to be squeezed into the broth. Traditionally, the meat is typically beef, but we also have had it with chicken, fish, duck, pork, shrimp, even frog (yum!).

As with most Vietnamese dishes, a plate of raw vegetables, sprouts, and greens is brought to garnish the soup, as well as chili peppers. Mì Quảng is typically served with a large toasted sesame rice cracker that can be crumbled into the soup for added crunch and texture. Many times a steamed pork sausage (chả) wrapped in banana leaves might accompany the meal

The combination of the fresh vegetables, the hearty broth, the chilis, and lime create the most amazing and refreshing –yet complex– combination. If you’re in the region or see it on the menu, it is imperative that you order it! Then, repeat! We have spent 5 months in Da Nang. One of the reasons we found Da Nang so endearing is that we could order Mi Quang for lunch every day!

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