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Juggling Time Zones

Juggling Time Zones

Being punctual for international conference calls isn’t always easy! Thankfully, we have tools to keep us on time.

What time is it?

In every single one of my conference calls, a client will inevitably ask “so what time IS it where you are right now?” They all gasp when I give them 6-12 hour difference (depending if I’m in Europe or Asia) They chuckle at what a weird life it is and, shortly thereafter, it’s on to business as usual.

I’ve always been a night owl. Honestly, I feel most productive once the sun goes down, so I enjoy working evenings. I telecommute for Art & Logic, a software development company based out of California. I’ve been with them for 15+ years, worked over 150+ projects, had countless face-to-face client conference calls and did so while logging in from 20+ countries around the world.

I try to keep Pacific Coast hours (UTC -8) but that translates into evenings on the other side of the globe. While in Europe, I work 6pm – 2am. While in Asia, I work 9pm – 5am (or around there)

And of course, when we’re camping on the West Coast, I actually, really truly work 9am-5pm. Although, waking with the sun makes all the difference in the world!

Time tools

I’ve tried so many apps to wrap my head around who was where and what appointments I had coming up. TimeBuddy was my go-to time site, but it took too long to mentally convert my schedule. For a while I had multiple clocks hanging on the wall with different time zones, like a hotel lobby.

The best combination I’ve found are these 2 little gems from Google Labs: Next Meeting tells me exactly how many hours until my next appointment, and World Clock shows the time zones in my designated cities.

Google Labs - Time tools
Google Labs – Time tools

I may not always care what time it is NOW, but I know I have 2 hrs until my next thing. Perfect!

Daylight Savings

As if things weren’t already confusing enough…

Asia – doesn’t honor daylight savings time
Europe – honors it a few weeks before… or is it after?
Arizona and Hawaii – they don’t play the DST game at all

and most recently…
Florida is talking about dropping DST.


Author: Daisey

Daisey is a UX designer for Art+Logic by day, soul/funk singer by night, full of love and always smiling.

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