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North America

Daisey's homage to the mice that tried to eat our van

Mice In The Van

One of the joys of camping is the quietude, the tranquil sleep, awaking to birdsong and rustling leaves. Noisy campers are the worst — especially when they’re next to you. Noisy mice are worse than...

The Hood River at Tucker Cmpground

Finding The Sweet Spot

We use every resource available to find camping spots. There are lots of options. Obviously, the National parks are great… but we have found State parks are often more accommodating… especially with...

Our 1980 VW Riveria Camper Van at night on the Columbia River Gorge

Van Life

Every year we come back to the States to visit and gig. While we’re there, we camp out of out our 1980 VW camper van (named Scooby Comancho) for a few months in the Northwest. When we are gone...

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