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Our journeys through Thailand, the Land of Smiles.

In nearly every nook and cranny all across Thailand, there are small shrines

Shrines around Thailand

This is post 3 of 4 in the series “First Impressions” One of the most endearing and reoccurring things you will see throughout Thailand are small shrines, also known as spirit houses...

Chairs made from Used Tires

Used Tires in Thailand

This is post 2 of 4 in the series “First Impressions” The Thai are extremely resourceful. With the millions upon millions of scooters and bicycles, they have found ingenious uses for...

A huge gathering ourside the Royal Palace in Bangkok for their recently deceased king

The King Has Died

We were humbled to be in Thailand at such a historical moment. Seeing the nation mourn enriched our perspective of the Thai people and their reverence for their king.

There are more temples in Thailand than you could possibly visit.

Temples in Thailand

Thailand is over 90% Buddhist. As a result, Thailand has amazing Buddhist temples (called Wat in Thai)  — everywhere! Some are austere, but more often than not, the Wats in Thailand tend to have...

Thailand has many free-range dogs living on the streets all over Thailand

Thai “Soi Dogs”

This is post 1 of 4 in the series “First Impressions” One surprise upon first arriving in Thailand will undoubtedly be all the homeless dogs, commonly known as Soi (Thai for ‘Street’)...

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