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Daisey & Britt

About Us

the Life

Britt & Daisey Traynham left their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida to travel the world over 12 years ago, living out of a suitcase filled with laptops, cameras, and a portable music studio. Britt has a degree in photography. Daisey has been doing graphic design and web development for the past 20 years. Both are musicians, recording under the names Batsauce and Lady Daisey. When not traveling or touring, the dynamic duo resides part-time in Berlin, Germany and out of a VW camper van in America’s Northwest. They get excited about food, music, architecture, and landscapes.

How It Began: Music

We’ve been married for almost 15 years. We met through music, on stage, in Jacksonville, Florida. Little did we know, we were actually “setting the stage” for a very nomadic future together.

What started out as a 3-month European music tour, turned into a 10+ year global adventure. We came to Europe, on a round-trip ticket, and just… never got back on the plane.  Since then, we’ve traveled to 30+ countries around the globe.

All the while, we’ve managed to release a discography of albums. Batsauce & Lady Daisey can be heard on all the major streaming services:

Lady Daisey: Spotify. iTunes. Amazon. Bandcamp.

Batsauce: Spotify. iTunes. Amazon. Bandcamp.

When people ask us where we’re from or where we live, we gaze at each other and smile, prepared to give a custom-tailored version of our story.

Home Is Where The ♥ Is


Europe map
Places we’ve visited throughout Europe.

Berlin has been our European home base since 2008. It’s the only place we fully unpack and call “home.” It’s a cozy top level flat, full of houseplants and artwork. We sublet when we’re traveling so we don’t have to absorb the cost of an unused space. Being from Florida, winters are a bit cold for us, so we try to coordinate our travels with the seasons.

US map
Places we’ve been around the United States.

Van Life in the NW

Our beloved 1980 VW camper van, Scooby, lives in the Northwest and anxiously awaits our annual return for some quality Van Life. We typically spend 3-4 months a year living in campgrounds around Oregon, Washington, and California.

Asia map
Places we’ve visited in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

In total, we’ve spent over a year floating around Southeast Asia. It’s a recent discovery for us and has quickly become an all-star favorite. For the past few years, we’ve added this to our annual travel rhythm.

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Daisey Traynham

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